Urbino and Palazzo Ducale (Duke’s Palace)

The itinerary consists in approximately 60km, with an average travel time of approx. 1 hour by car from Hotel Imperial in Marotta to the city of Urbino.

Urbino owes its perfect Renaissance structure, taking form in the 15th century, to Federico di Montefeltro and the union between the duke's desire to organise the State rationally and his sensitive intuition for the cultural patronage of the arts.
The city offers numerous corners of inspiration and places to visit. We can recommend a few of these which are not to be missed.

1. Half day tour which includes a visit to the Palazzo Ducale and the historical centre:

PALAZZO DUCALE (Duke’s Palace)
The Palazzo Ducale was built during the 15th century thanks to the cleverness of Maso di Bartolomeo, Luciano Laurana and Francesco di Giorgio Martini.
The building’s most ancient unit, named the "Palazzetto della Jole", was built following the wishes of Count Guidantonio, Federico's father. The side of the building looks over the Piazza del Rinascimento, creating a perfect connection with the Chiesa di San Domenico (church).
The building became famous in its time thanks to the water system designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini. Palazzo Ducale therefore became an extraordinarily sophisticated and decorative structure, of exceptional beauty and extreme comfort: a "building in the form of a city" capable of hosting hundreds of people.
In 1912, the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche (national museum) was created inside the building, leading to the restoration of numerous artworks.

The historical centre of Urbino, which is UNESCO world heritage listed, is only slightly larger than one square kilometre. It is embraced by bastioned walls and built entirely using fired brick.
The most striking thing about the urban design of Urbino is its woven like features out of which narrow streets, buildings and churches spring out, creating a truly delightful setting, also thanks to its stunning landscape.

2. Full day tour which in addition to Palazzo Ducale and the Historical Centre, also includes a visit to the Galleria delle Marche and the native home of Raffaello:

The Galleria Nazionale delle Marche occupies all the restored halls of the Palazzo Ducale on the first and second floors, for a total of 80 rooms. The museum exhibits artworks which can be chronologically placed between the 14th and 17th centuries.
Everything in the Duke's Apartment invites visitors to completely immerse themselves into the Renaissance world of Duke Federico: the Hall of Justice, the Small Office, the little Chapel of Guidobaldo, the Duke's Wardrobe, the Bedroom, are just some examples from the era which can be admired.
These halls preserve the most important masterpieces of the 15th century: The Flagellation of Christ and the Virgin Mary of Senigallia by Piero della Francesca, the Portrait of Federico and his Son Guidobaldo by Pedro Berruguete, the Ideal City by Leon Battista Alberti and Luciano Laurana, the Communion of the Apostles by Giusto di Gand and the Profanation of the Host by Paolo Uccello.
In the last apartment, called the Duchess's Apartment, artworks from the 16th century are exhibited including the Portrait of a Gentlewoman (the Silent One) by Raffaello, the Resurrection and the Last Supper by Tiziano.

Urbino was the hometown of Raffaello, born on 28th March 1483 in an elegant Renaissance building, where he subsequently spent his youth and formation years in his father's workshop.
Today the structure is a home museum dedicated to the Urbino artist, housing a collection of artworks of various genres and origins, as well as some of the artist’s first frescoes.

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