Safe inside…

We keep on saying that your family is our family, because we all were children and now we all are parents. We understand your worries. Children are unpredictable; nevertheless, everything inside the hotel is safety-oriented. You can therefore experience a quiet holiday while your kids are watching a cartoon or joining workshops or some other indoor game in case of bad weather. Of course, under our trusted professionals supervision all the time.


…safe in the garden…

Our hotel has been designed to be a safe place for children: riskless fun is the key to success. In addition, this is true in the outer side of the park too, a wide tree-lined garden for your baby-explorers to investigate the surroundings at no risk. Right outside the door, swings and slides for babies plus table tennis, foosball for older kids and, last but not least, our swimming pool for all of them. Everything under the constant surveillance of trusted professionals.


… even safer at the beach

In order to get to our private beach all you have to do is crossing the street in front of the hotel. But don’t worry, during the summer it is a controlled traffic zone.
We made all we could to avoid any possible danger: an enclosed zone for children, which can be easily controlled by mom and dad at any time; a shade zone for the hottest time of the day; the assurance of professional staff members.


The sea is all around your holidays

When the sun is shining, why don't you enjoy our homemade breakfast in the garden? Right after, a jump in the pool, a run on the beach and a taste of delicious food in our sea front restaurant: you will be ready to start a brand new day even before this one ends.

Colazione in giardino Breakfast in
the garden
Ristorante e bar Restaurant
and bar
Piscina e giardino Pool and

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