Fun at once!

This morning we all went to the beach with the Miniclub crew, they’re so funny! It was really hot and the sand was burning, so we sit around some tables in the shade where we played painters. I drew mom and dad, smiling on their sunbeds right in front of the sea. Then it turned less hot, so we made sand castles, played marbles, beach volley and many other games until late afternoon.

Luca, 6 YO *****


Diving into fun

The weather was bad so we couldn’t play in the garden. We stood in the hotel where we had a lot of fun with the school of magic, created our own pottery and special bracelets made out of pasta. I also made a cork robot. By the way, before the clouds I had already won the foosball tournament and swam in the pool. Impi was clapping from the poolside though because he can’t swim. I’ll teach him tomorrow!

Paolo, 7 anni *****


Dining with a smile

The Miniclub crew should be real magicians because they knew it was my birthday and they made a party for me: they made me a delicious cake. Moreover, since it was Thursday night, we made up as superheroes and danced with Impi, he’s really good! Thursday is my favourite day also because there was sugar candy, just like in a fun fair! If I get back next year, I hope my birthday will be on Thursday again!

Giulio, 5 YO*****


The sea is all around your holidays

When the sun is shining, why don't you enjoy our homemade breakfast in the garden? Right after, a jump in the pool, a run on the beach and a taste of delicious food in our sea front restaurant: you will be ready to start a brand new day even before this one ends.

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