A big family

Managing Hotel Imperial is not only a job. Granpa Giuseppe is the core of the hotel. Elisa takes care of hospitality because she is kind and careful. Giorgio is the life of the restaurant. He and his wife Anna love to make people happy. We are family and we want you to join us.

Our hotel is a family

You will start soon to call us by our name: as you do with your family. We are all moms, dads, grandparents, children… we know what you need and we love taking good care of you.

Hospitality in our DNA

The smile of Elisa and her co-workers welcomes you as soon as you enter the hotel making you feel at once that there will always be someone to meet your requests.

The heart in the kitchen

Our great chefs are the stars of the kitchen: we would you to know them and their total affability to fulfil your needs.

Friends by your table

While serving your meals, our waiters seem like someone that could be sitting by your side. They are friends you can always count on.

So cosy, so clean!

You don’t see them working but thanks to them your room is perfect every day. We couldn’t do without them… and neither could you.

Seriously funny

Selection criteria are definitely strict: we only choose the funniest and coolest crew on Earth. They never quit being children themselves.

Safe on the beach

There are three of them, their dress is red, they keep our beach safe. They are kind, helpful and always alert. But… who are they? Our smiling lifeguards of course! If your kids want to knot as a real mariner, we’re here to teach them how to!

The sea is all around your holidays

When the sun is shining, why don't you enjoy our homemade breakfast in the garden? Right after, a jump in the pool, a run on the beach and a taste of delicious food in our sea front restaurant: you will be ready to start a brand new day even before this one ends.

Colazione in giardino Breakfast in
the garden
Ristorante e bar Restaurant
and bar
Piscina e giardino Pool and

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